Cyber Crime Consultants offers you exclusive guidance through the audit procedure. Understanding that this vital component of accounting is indispensible, our team of experts aids you in the endeavor of garnering:

  • Information on different financial systems and applications. Information on different financial systems and applications
  • Financial records that make an impact on the business
  • Information on security risks, systems performance, environmental performance
  • Controls within the ingrained Information Technology infrastructure
  • Evidence of functionality of in-house information systems, operations and practices
  • Protocol for safeguarding assets and data integrity
  • Financial statement audit, internal audit and/or attestation engagements

Cyber Crime Consultants also addresses your IT audit needs via automated data processing and detailed computer audits. Our staff is qualified and certified and flaunt CISA, CISM, ISMS, DISA and ITIL recognition. All the specialized audits are delivered via detailed audit reports and consultation to improve shortcomings.

System Audit:

Cyber Crime Consultants helps you make the best of systems audit. We help you capitalize on Information Systems that work within the process framework and policies designed for the best infrastructural scaffolding. Our team assists you in gaining competitive advantage and flaunting well planned information systems.

We help you evaluate the ingrained properties of the information system to assure conformity of futuristic development and quality of software security solutions in place. To this end we support you in the endeavor to garner:

  • Support technologies to fit into the ever changing work environment
  • Add-on functionality for convenient application and shorter delivery periods using the available Information System (s)
  • New technologies for risk analysis of business processes
  • Organizational skills to establish security demands
  • Qualified IT personnel to ensure that the information system (s) conforms to company goals

Cyber Crime Consultants offers you CobiT enhanced auditing service. The support IT supervision and management come with the deal. The experience and expertise of the in house team with regards to the implementation of software development processes and information security enables you to combat any audit complexity.

We help you realize full potential of all your state of the art IT investments. Cyber Crime Consultants help you streamline processes and earn maximum returns via:

  • Development of a personalized cost-to-benefit ratio
  • Assistance in the form of planned decision support environment
  • Support to make smart and well informed decisions
  • Training for IT executives in critical audit processes and business specific project management techniques
  • Monitoring of IS
  • Analysis of quality initiation procedures
  • Maintenance of process framework

Cyber Crime Consultants ensures that you benefit from regular reviewing of the IT infrastructure invested in and dedicated Network and Business Applications by auditors who are CISA and CISSP certified. We help you to protect sensitive information assets and evade business risks with the help of specially devised audit checklists and deliverables.

Penetration Testing

Beat penetration and security failure with Cyber Crime Consultants. We partner your need to protect the company’s computing systems from corruption or loss of data. Our team addresses issues on policy, procedure and practice for security of information.

Cyber Crime Consultants give you the edge of penetration testing that is customized to suit your needs via simple, secured steps. Our experts aid you with:

  • Professional identification of target and authorization of executive sponsor
  • Determination of areas of concern and defined scope for testing
  • Specially constructed processes for collecting data
  • Repetition of testing phase to achieve a deeper insight into the system
  • Accurate presentation of reports to show findings, address concerns and effectiveness of defenses

We help you to garner information on whether the ingrained technology is indeed addressing the needs of the organization. Our penetration tests are comprehensive and part of a program that analyzes policy, technology, and procedure.

Cyber Crime Consultants offers penetration testing that not only defines and assesses company policy but also evaluates the sponsoring organization. This helps you to weight the company’s response capability and ensure the protection of sensitive assets via an information security program that is dynamic and versatile.

Our team helps you monitor internal and external network security through remote connectivity. Our penetration testing reveals top you loopholes to help evade hackers from getting into internal systems data with the help of a high end vulnerability scan. This helps you to ensure security of your network and email traffic. We offer you the benefit of a system that appraises:

  • Reconnaissance and identification of components pertaining to assets, data and network
  • Determination of network level services for identified assets via enumeration
  • Evaluation of determined vulnerabilities that could lead to compromise
  • Reporting of security risk
  • Recommendations to facilitate a cost-effective mitigation approach
  • IT strategies and resource allocation

Vulnerability Analysis

Cyber Crime Consultants helps you benefit with vulnerability analysis and assessment. We assist you in defining; identifying and classifying vulnerabilities within he ingrained system. Out team addresses computer and network infrastructure issues via vulnerability analysis to generate countermeasures. To this end we help analysis supported by:

  • Listing of important resources
  • Identification of potential threats
  • Development of strategies and solutions to minimize attack on security

Our Vulnerability Analysis comprises solutions for devices designed to support servers, workstations, Firewalls, Routers, VPN Concentrators and Switches.

Cyber Crime Consultants gives you a comprehensive view of the existent level of network security. The team generates a concise report and scope for Post Audit consultancy to analyze:

  • The discovered vulnerabilities and their categories (low, medium, high)
  • Open ports, DNS information, High Risk Vulnerabilities and remedies

ERP Audit

ERP or enterprise resource planning is addressed by Cyber Crime Consultants within a specially conceived business management system. We help you to integrate every facet of the business, from initial planning to the manufacturing processes and product marketing. Our ERP methodology comprises the use of software applications to reduce the stress from routine and important inventory control, monitoring of finance and human resources and order tracking.

Cyber Crime Consultants offers Enterprise Resource Planning through:

  • Integrated database and software applications
  • Dedicated monitoring of sales, quality control, finances, production scheduling and logistics
  • Services centered on the value chain from supplier to customer

We address supply chain management within the ERP package to make customer relationship management a pleasure, not an ordeal. Cyber Crime Consultants offers ERP Audit within your business operations. Our assessment includes examination of objective evidence within the adopted ERP business model, findings and results directed towards instant improvement in business processes.

Network Audit

Cyber Crime Consultants helps you to benefit from Network audits that adhere to the dictates of not only the company’s Information Security Policy, but also the security framework of COBIT, COSO, BS7799, ITIL, ISO17799, ISO27001 and ISO15150.

Our team of auditors addresses network mapping and assessment of vulnerabilities for timely identification of exploitation and dedicated network Penetration Testing. The team also helps you periodically review and assess the ingrained security policy. To this end, we help to crack passwords, review logs and incidence response. Cyber Crime Consultants offers forensic auditing and Integrity Checks.

Our Risk Assessment strategies are designed as security measures that instantly crack down on exploitation of vulnerabilities. We provide you with an Information Security Report that clearly outlines the necessary course of action.

Code Review

Cyber Crime Consultants enables code review to help you identify security breaches and vulnerabilities. We customize ingenious and specialized application programs to help with the process. Our services include:

  • Systematic tests of source code
  • Timely identification of buffer overflows, memory leakage, duplication and size violations
  • Implementation of a solutions based software design to fit within your business module
  • Domain expertise to crack down on problem areas and generate improvements
  • Regular reviews on potential flaws, overall program design and application of coding standards

Cyber Crime Consultants also helps you to review APIs (interactions between modules). We help you to ensure that the APIs are target oriented and balanced. To this end we also support Maintainability review. You need to ensure that the code follows coding style guidelines and we partner your effort in this regard. The other areas we review include security (input sanitizers, fuzz-testing, static analysis), integration (module compatibility, server dependency), testing (functionality, error conditions) and standards.

Risk Assessment

Cyber Crime Consultants helps you to combat threats to information security, of varying business impact. Our Risk Assessment procedures identify concentrated risk areas and develop management solutions to manage the identified risk.

We offer examination of policies and navigational systems for better information management. We work in sync with your business objectives even as we work towards mitigating costly issues within the ingrained system.

Cyber Crime Consultants offers Risk Assessment in line with recommendations made by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, a segment of the U.S. Department of Commerce. We undertake research work and implementation of a Risk Assessment methodology that addresses everything from System Characterization to documentation of results. Our Risk Assessment program comprises:

  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of safeguard measures and impact
  • Determination of risk
  • Recommendations

Cyber Crime Consultants offers ongoing support for Risk Mitigation.

Website Security Audit

Our website security Audit is prioritized to safeguard the organization from hackers. We assure you complete protection of web-based applications, from shopping carts, to application forms and pages that require login. Safeguard your dynamic web applications and valuable data from hackers who scout customer databases.

Cyber Crime Consultants offers you customized solutions for Web Security Auditing of SQL Injection and XSS. We help you address just about any web based vulnerabilities. The culminating report generated by our team not only analyses high, medium or low risks, but also recommends solutions.


Cyber Crime Consultants helps you benefit from Information Technology (IT) to achieve upscale shareholder value. To aid your business specific and critical dependence on IT processes we assist your need to adhere to regulatory compliance within the COBIT/ISO governance framework. Our team not only empowers your core management team to synchronize control requirements to deal with business risks and allied technical issues, but also works towards enhanced policy development and proactive IT control.

Cyber Crime Consultants helps your team to benefit from COBIT and IT Governance. We also help implement ISO 27001 standards and practices. This helps you to gain from a fast-track conversion process and the BS7799-2 conversion path.

Our on-site audit process is in complete compliance with ISO 27001. We deliver solutions to hone your existent information security management system. To this end we assist in:

  • Generating and following audit trails
  • Reviewing risks identified and control objectives
  • Garnering evidence to indicate the pro-activeness of your Information Security Management System
  • Monitoring responsibilities at all levels

Cyber Crime Consultants enables you to raise non-conformance assessment and reports to narrow down on corrective action and IT recommendations.

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