E - Contracts :

We design digital contracts to legalize digital signatures. Cyber Crime Consultants offers you E-contracts that give you legal sanctity. The resultant acceptance and validity ensures that you enjoy recognition around the globe.

Our E-contracts are modeled and executed within or own ingenious software system. They allow you to:

  • Do away with redundant traditional commercial contracts on paper
  • Promote products, prices and fine print
  • Negotiate prices, place orders and make payments
  • Beat technical and legal challenges that usually accompany traditional agreements

Our E-contracts are valid, and in sync with all cyber oriented legal requirements. They are designed by professionals to interpret and adhere to essential legal standards that dictate electronic transactions.

Cyber Crime Consultants drafts e-contracts for you with emphasis on terms of usage. We design E-contracts for disclaimers, Escrow, STPI, software services, domain name transfer, trademark and copyright licenses, transfer of technology and franchising. We also support you through disputes arising out of arbitration or litigation pertaining to the E-contracts.

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