Cobit / ISO

Cyber Crime Consultants helps you benefit from Information Technology (IT) to achieve upscale shareholder value. To aid your business specific and critical dependence on IT processes we assist your need to adhere to regulatory compliance within the COBIT/ISO governance framework. Our team not only empowers your core management team to synchronize control requirements to deal with business risks and allied technical issues, but also works towards enhanced policy development and proactive IT control.

Cyber Crime Consultants helps your team to benefit from COBIT and IT Governance. We also help implement ISO 27001 standards and practices. This helps you to gain from a fast-track conversion process and the BS7799-2 conversion path.

Our on-site audit process is in complete compliance with ISO 27001. We deliver solutions to hone your existent information security management system. To this end we assist in:

  • Generating and following audit trails
  • Reviewing risks identified and control objectives
  • Garnering evidence to indicate the pro-activeness of your Information Security Management System
  • Monitoring responsibilities at all levels

Cyber Crime Consultants enables you to raise non-conformance assessment and reports to narrow down on corrective action and IT recommendations.

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