Data Theft

We help online businesses to legally challenge data theft. This protects you from any unauthorized access to sensitive data without your consent. Our in-house legal consultants help you to address unauthorized:

  • Reading of mail
  • Transmission of files, web pages
  • Access to ‘owned’ USB devices
  • CD/DVD/Blue Ray storage
  • Use of removable media devices with increased hard drive capacity
  • Podslurping
  • Thumbsucking
  • Phishing
  • Blue snarfing

Cyber Crime Consultants helps you to bring wrongdoers and fraudsters to task for:

  • Intentional use of portable USB mass storage devices to illicitly download confidential data
  • Accessing remote network access points for network infiltration
  • Exposing business sensitive data to untrustworthy sources
  • Investing in the use of software programs for financial information theft
  • Using Bluetooth devices to lift data from a restricted computer

We help you through investigation and litigation to eliminate incursions on business data.

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