Digital Evidence

Cyber Crime Consultants enables you to beat any cyber crime case with the best Digital Forensics services. We assist you in Cyber Criminal Investigations to provide you case with digital evidence from a combination of the elements of law and computer science. Our team of investigators not only collects and analyzes digital data, but they also access sensitive evidence from the recovery of lost files.

We give you a comprehensive forensic examination solution that helps not only an online business, but even schools, universities, financial set ups, insurance institutions and small and large scale government organizations ample of cyber crime evidence.

Cyber Crime Consultants investigate usage of the email, cell phones, cellular phones and VOIP, and evidence from website history, file activity (creation and/or deletion, login/logout records), chat, password and data recovery (encrypted files).

We partner your cause for storing, examining, recovering and securing data. Our in house attorneys and law enforcement investigators are experienced, certified and licensed and offer you a storehouse of information via free advice, tips and suggestions on digital forensics.

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