Compliance :

Cyber Crime Consultants assists you in your need to remain buoyant aloft compliance with:

  • IT AA 2008
  • SOX
  • Data Protection Act

We understand your need to evade financial liabilities and allied legality. To this end, we help you to address the need for Due Diligence to receive, store or transmit data as proxy. Cyber Crime Consultants assists you in:

  • Identifying sensitive data
  • Acquiring security practices for protection
  • Complying with data retention and implementation systems
  • Successfully intercepting or requesting for data decryption (by law)

As an online entity, cyber law protects you as you conduct e-audit in e-form, apply encryption policies, access information and meet security obligations via contractual agreement. We also offer assistance to check and correct child pornography. Cyber Crime Consultants enables you to understand the law and guides you towards deployment of legal and ethical practices.

We help you deploy a Cyber Law Compliance Program in-house, highlighting litigation specified by ITA 2008.

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