Penetration Testing

Beat penetration and security failure with Cyber Crime Consultants. We partner your need to protect the company’s computing systems from corruption or loss of data. Our team addresses issues on policy, procedure and practice for security of information.

Cyber Crime Consultants give you the edge of penetration testing that is customized to suit your needs via simple, secured steps. Our experts aid you with:

  • Professional identification of target and authorization of executive sponsor
  • Determination of areas of concern and defined scope for testing
  • Specially constructed processes for collecting data
  • Repetition of testing phase to achieve a deeper insight into the system
  • Accurate presentation of reports to show findings, address concerns and effectiveness of defenses

We help you to garner information on whether the ingrained technology is indeed addressing the needs of the organization. Our penetration tests are comprehensive and part of a program that analyzes policy, technology, and procedure.

Cyber Crime Consultants offers penetration testing that not only defines and assesses company policy but also evaluates the sponsoring organization. This helps you to weight the company’s response capability and ensure the protection of sensitive assets via an information security program that is dynamic and versatile.

Our team helps you monitor internal and external network security through remote connectivity. Our penetration testing reveals top you loopholes to help evade hackers from getting into internal systems data with the help of a high end vulnerability scan. This helps you to ensure security of your network and email traffic. We offer you the benefit of a system that appraises:

  • Reconnaissance and identification of components pertaining to assets, data and network
  • Determination of network level services for identified assets via enumeration
  • Evaluation of determined vulnerabilities that could lead to compromise
  • Reporting of security risk
  • Recommendations to facilitate a cost-effective mitigation approach
  • IT strategies and resource allocation
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