ERP Audit

ERP or enterprise resource planning is addressed by Cyber Crime Consultants within a specially conceived business management system. We help you to integrate every facet of the business, from initial planning to the manufacturing processes and product marketing. Our ERP methodology comprises the use of software applications to reduce the stress from routine and important inventory control, monitoring of finance and human resources and order tracking.

Cyber Crime Consultants offers Enterprise Resource Planning through:

  • Integrated database and software applications
  • Dedicated monitoring of sales, quality control, finances, production scheduling and logistics
  • Services centered on the value chain from supplier to customer

We address supply chain management within the ERP package to make customer relationship management a pleasure, not an ordeal. Cyber Crime Consultants offers ERP Audit within your business operations. Our assessment includes examination of objective evidence within the adopted ERP business model, findings and results directed towards instant improvement in business processes

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