E - Discovery :

Cyber Crime Consultants makes accessible to you Electronic discovery or E-discovery. We facilitate your need to seek secure, and search for electronic data that could be used as evidence in a Cyber legal case. We offer E-discovery in both modules - offline and within a network. Cyber Crime Consultants also offers this service to address sanctioned hacking to obtain critical evidence.

We help you secure digital data with ease and completely indestructible. We assist your need for data of all types to serve as evidence. Our team helps you access and retrieve:

  • Important text
  • Imagery
  • Calendar files
  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • Audio files
  • Animation
  • Web sites
  • Computer programs
  • Malware - viruses, Trojans
  • Email
  • Memos
  • Letters

Cyber Crime Consultants helps you to secure and investigate valuable sources of evidence that apply to both civil and criminal cyber litigation.

We also ensure that messages, emails, blogs and associated content are further categorized in sync with recommended corporate records management dictates. Such pre-contextualization of data enables you to access specific content immediately and identify related email and documents too!

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