Code Review

Cyber Crime Consultants enables code review to help you identify security breaches and vulnerabilities. We customize ingenious and specialized application programs to help with the process. Our services include:

  • Systematic tests of source code
  • Timely identification of buffer overflows, memory leakage, duplication and size violations
  • Implementation of a solutions based software design to fit within your business module
  • Domain expertise to crack down on problem areas and generate improvements
  • Regular reviews on potential flaws, overall program design and application of coding standards

Cyber Crime Consultants also helps you to review APIs (interactions between modules). We help you to ensure that the APIs are target oriented and balanced. To this end we also support Maintainability review. You need to ensure that the code follows coding style guidelines and we partner your effort in this regard. The other areas we review include security (input sanitizers, fuzz-testing, static analysis), integration (module compatibility, server dependency), testing (functionality, error conditions) and standards.

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