Secure Data Eraser :

Cyber Crime Consultants assists you in erasing data in a secure manner. We help you understand and work around the ‘free space’ on erasing a file, without the original data being overwritten. The subsequent so-called unrecoverable original data can be recovered by Cyber Crime Consultants. Our team of experts uses sensitive and sophisticated applications to recover the ‘over-written’ data.

We help you to then securely erase data by overwriting on the same physical spot with different patterns, multiple times. This effectively obliterates magnetic signatures of the original data. Cyber Crime Consultants offers you Secure Data Erasure Services to clean unused hard-disk space, remove connectivity based activities (Cookies, Favorites, History, Temporary Files etc) and even trace the Erase System and Applications such as MS, Email, Net Meeting, News and Chat messengers.

Our in house consultants also offer other services such as recovery of:

  • Remote Data
  • Digital Evidence
  • Laptop Data

Our Data Erasure Services use powerful and effective cleansing software for files and data. You can now erase select files from the hard disk. Cyber Crime Consultants offers Data Erasure that is secure and comprehensive. The service ensures complete removal of deleted files and folders and free or unused space. The team works towards protecting confidential data on any kind of storage media.

Our Secure Data Erasure guarantees total cleaning of unused space on your system’s hard drive. In this way Cyber Crime Consultants helps you to benefit from improved hard drive efficiency.

We also provide Secure Overwriting of Files, Folders and Logical Drive. The team erases multiple data, cleaning the entire logical drive for secure reuse. The complete erasure of Application Traces offers confidentiality of system usage. We address erasure, tracing and recovery of:

  • Files and Applications accessed recently
  • Microsoft Applications - MS office, MS WordPad, MS Management Console Windows Media Player, Imaging, and NetMeeting
  • File sharing applications
  • Email, News Applications and Outlook Express
  • Chat Messengers
  • Temporary internet files
  • Cookies
  • Auto-fill information (username, password etc)
  • History information
  • List of frequented URLs
  • List of programs executed in ‘Run’ command

Cyber Crime Consultants ensures that data moved to the recycle bin is on a path of NO RETURN’. Our ingrained Wipe Utility gives your operating system complete security.

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